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ibuEiymann's GIVEAWAY
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

My 1st entry..

hehe..dunno hw to start lar..dis is my 1st time blogging..well, i've been reading others' blog as a silent reader ..sumetimes left my comments as well (komentar yg baik2 jer taw)..i ws thinking, hw cud i share my life wif pples around d world..i dunno wat they think bout me then..hwever, i've made my mind.. i want my blogspot too..hence, dis 1st-entry-yg-ntah-ape-ape-ntah tell u bloggers..HERE I COME.. hehe..


Anonymous said...


salzahari said...

u can start with BF journey dear! anyway, tQ for stopping by yesterday.. sorry la, MOH block YM! so blog je lah peneman kebosanan...

e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann said...

salzahari: hehe..i dh mroyan berBLOGels skg nie..

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