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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

All kids are born with natural curiosity. They scan and roam their environments. They enjoy exploring and so eager to learn. They are wide eyed and thrilled. Same goes to Eiymann. Eiymann is born with curiosity. He loves to ask anything, try everything in order to shows his interest about something new. Eiymann likes to play at playground, play with toys and also cats. I likes he explore the environmental, no matter it is clean or dirty (read: playground, grass, sand etc.) but on the other hand I have to worry with bacteria and germs surrounding him. By exploring the environments, he is exposed to bacteria and germs. Therefore, he needs to be tough inside with a strong immune system. Immune system act as a defender to protects him against disease.

Eiymann loves to play, play and play without knowing gems and bacterias are everywhere.

Eiymann loves cat so much without have to worry about germs and bacteria surrounding him.

Breastfeeding has many benefits to my baby and me. Breastmilk provides ideal nutrition to meet his needs for growth and development, protects against many infections, reduces risk of allergies and may prevent some infant deaths. The best part about breastmilk is readily available, needing no preparation, hygiene and the best for babies. Hence, being a breastfeeding mom is crucial to ensure my son is fully protected.

How to boost Eiymann’s immune system?

The best – Breastmilk is THE BEST. Fact. No doubt. Fully Protected. Colostrum or first milk is a proven and effective immune system booster. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins which are antibodies to provide passive immunity for the baby and protects them from bacterial and viral illness. Yes, I choose the best to breastfeed my 2 years and 8 months old son.

Optimistic – Be optimistic parents, so that Eiymann will learn optimism from us while he is young. Unlike pessimistic kids, optimistic kids enjoy better health, a longer life, less stress and achieve more throughout their life.

Unnecessary antibiotics – The unnecessary or overuse of antibiotics are producing bacterial resistance, making some infections harder to treat. To ensure that Eiymann doesn’t get unnecessary antibiotics, we always question doctor as to why antibiotics are needed. Being informed and asking the right questions can go far towards protecting our son against unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and their potential side effects.

Give opportunities – As parents, we help Eiymann by giving him lots of opportunities to practice and master his skills, letting him make mistakes and being there to boost his spirits so he keep trying.

Happy and humor - Kids show more enjoyment in socializing when the people around them are happy. Besides, kids with a well-developed sense of humor are happier, more optimistic and higher self-esteem. A sense of humor can brighten family life. Laughing together with Eiymann is a way to connect and a good sense of humor also can make him healthier, smarter and better able to cope with challenges.

Immune system – The body system that helps fight off sickness is called the immune system. Our body is exposed to thousands of germs, and we do not get sick from them because of our immune system. Every kids have an immune system which protect them against germs, bacterias and microorganisms.

Nutrition – All parents want their kids to be healthy. Same goes to us. Eiymann’s nutrition becomes a critical aspect of his growth and development. In his first six months, I have been exclusively breastfeeding him. As far as I concern, exclusive breastfeeding provides all the nutrients and water that a baby needs to grow and develop. To get the full benefits of breastfeeding, I continue breastfeeding up to 2 years and still breastfeeding until now (2 years and 8 months). Besides, I have introduced solid foods to him when he was 6 months old. Proper nutrition can also prevent many medical problems, including becoming overweight, developing weak bones and developing diabetes. On the other hand, it makes him healthier, emotionally more stable and it improves his performance as well.

Sleep – Enough sleep is essential for kids to keep them healthy, happy and doing their best. Sleep helps body and brain develop and grow. The lack of sleep lead adults tired, be grumpy or have low energy, but kids can become hyper, disagreeable and have extremes in behaviour.

Immunisation - Immunisation is the process of giving vaccines. It is an easy and very safe way of protecting babies and kids against infectious disease. Vaccines are given mainly by injection or through the mouth. Eiymann got vaccinated since he was born according to the recommendation of the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia immunisation schedule.

Discussion – One of the most important things in helping kids learn to talk is to have frequent, friendly conversations with them. Having conversations doesn’t mean it have to be long or be about anything adults consider important, it is more about keep kids interacting with us using any words he can say and keep conversation going as long as we are enjoying time together. A good conversation lead a good discussion between parents and kids.

Encourage - Parents can do much to encourage their kids in whatever they do, want and need. Support them to be self-esteem and optimistic kids. Kids are like sponges; they soak everything up from early on in life and feed off of the nutrients they are given the rest of their lives. They need support and encouragement from parents in a way to be succeed throughout their life.

Eiymann is tough and fully protected with his strong immune system inside.

Eiymann is still breastfeeding until now. But when he ready to wean-off, maybe Friso Gold 3 is a good start for him. ;-)

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