ibuEiymann's GIVEAWAY

ibuEiymann's GIVEAWAY
uolls nak tak discount 15% evrytime sopeng kt tmpt2 neh..?? klu nak, click photo above hokeyy.. xde tarikh tutup.. harap maklum..

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweet Moments Contest by lensaMama

aduuss..sokmo msuk contest last minute (tp, kkdg last min, tuh slalu mndtgkn rezeki..hehe).. okiess, dis tym ku nk joins Sweet Moments Contest by lensaMama.. so, neh larr gmbr yg ku pertaruhkan..

picca courtesy of

Our Sweetie:

E'izz Eiymann Nazrin bin Mohd Nazrin


12 April 2007

awats aku pilih gmbq neh..??

honestly, suke bangat tgk aksi Eiymann yg ingin b'kongsi keSWEETan cake dgn Papa..dan momento neh truly SWEET bile i rite..??

oraitss, selesai sudaa entry yg ringkas & padat, klu uolls nk joins gak, click sajork bdk ngn lolipop kt bwh neh..

Hepi New Year 2010!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jawapan TEKA-TEKUK IV.. Invitation to Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out..

salam all...phuhh, been bz gilos smpi x smpat nk hapdet blog..msti uolls dh x sbr2 nk taww pemenang TEKA-TEKUK IV kan..hehe..okiess, b4 ku announce kan pemenang, meh kite tgk dlu ape mendenyer jwpn pressie iteww..aci??



Qwikfold Fun Slide

left: dirasmikan oleh Abang Eiymann

right: dirasmikan oleh besday girl, Alisha

okiess..ade lbh kurang 4 org yg meneka dgn hampir pemenang dipilih b'dasarkn jwpn yg t'pantas..n the winner goes to:







(eli, k.e-caR dh ade yr nnt tnggu jer pressie smpi ek)


citer TEKA-TEKUK IV dh abis..skg nk citer bout dis:

yerp, i got an invitation to Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out..x sia2 buat karangan pasal Curious Kids Need to be Tough, klu uolls pun dpt invitation neh, c u there..!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 in 1: NUFFNANG Cheque, TEKA-TEKUK IV, Happy 1st Birthday ALISHA QAIRINA!!

haaa...hambek..trus aku buat entry 3 in 1..uolls hengat syampoo ngn Nescafe sajork ade 3 in 1..aku punye entry pun adoo daa..aku t'paksa buat 3-in-1-entry coz x smpat nk buat entry tiap2 ari dik noon..

okiess..meh citer story pertama.. alhamdulillah ku b'jaya dpt 1st cheque dr Nuffnang (dh slmt dilangsaikn pun..huhu)..then ku bru sajork cash out kan 2nd cheque..skg kena tnggu sajork En. Posmen bwk cheque kt posbox umah aku..hehe..wpun x dpt byk tp at least ade gaks larr kan.. aku berBLOGels pun skdr suke-suki sajork..jz nk citer psl khidupan aku..then dpt kwn bru..tuu yg syiook kan..ape2 pun tenkiu En. Nuffnang!!

my 1st cheque


story no. 2 laks..berkat sokongan uolls, followers yg dh 428 org (stkt entry neh ditaip), pngunjung tegar mahupun x tegar, musuh ketat pun ade gaks singgah (aku taww hokeyy..smua IP add. uolls ade dlm list aku..hehe) kt blog ::NazRin's wifey..Eiymann's ibu:: , mkin cpt naik Nuffnang, bg meraikn kejayaan aku mengcash-out-kan 2nd cheque Nuffnang, serta ucapan tenkiu aku pd uolls.. aku dgn rs rendah diri nk buat TEKA-TEKUK IV.. khas tuk uolls..

memule fenin gaks aku duk pikiaq TEKA-TEKUK ape lar yg sesuei tuk uolls..pikiaq punya pikiaq, at last aku dpt gaks idea neh...cube uolls tgk picca kt bwh neh hokeyy..






fyi, gmbq di ataih neh mrupakn pressie aku nk bg utk my niece, Alisha Qairina smpena her 1st birthday nnt..okiess, direct to the ampang point.. soklan TEKA-TEKUK IV b'bunyi:

Apakah pressie yg maklong beli utk Alisha Qairina??


- teka-tekuk lar bpe byk yg uolls suke smpi uolls limit hokeyy..

- x perlu jd follower..x perlu tempek banner..x perlu buat entry.. hnye bg jwpn teka-tekuk uolls kt entry neh..diulang skali lg, kt dis ENTRY ONLY..

- smua buleh joins..bloggers ataupun bkn bloggers, followers sekalipun x follow, pngunjung tegar mahupun x tegar, musuh ketat pun ahkak terima hokeyy.. (kecuali my siblings, hubby & Eiymann sajork x leh joins coz dorang taww)

- x perlu bg nama penuh jwpn TEKA-TEKUK nama umum pun xper.. (eg: nk bg nama beskal pun buleh..nk bg nama Beskal BMX pun bleh)

- hnye pnyertaan yg tepat/sipi2 & t'pantas akn dikire sbg pemenang TEKA-TEKUK IV

- teka-tekuk yg t'akhir diterima pada 25 December 2009, jam 0007 (kena tutup dh tym neh coz nk bg pressie neh pd Alisha Qairina..hehe)

- nk taww hadiah yg bkl uolls dpt...??




* ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Lipstick worth RM75

* Kopi Radix, Cereal Radix, Cookies Radix sponsored by

* baucer 10% discount sponsored by ::cupcake-caR::

amacm..?? serunuks x..?? ahkak dpt rezeki, ahkak pun nk bg rezeki kt uolls gaks.. rezeki harus dikongsi b'sama, rite..!! apalagas, cpt2 lar joins easy-peasy TEKA-TEKUK IV neh..


last but not least.. maklong, paklong & Abang Eiymann nk wish:

Happy 1st Birthday to


May Allah bless u alwiz..

Alisha Qairina Sharifadin

23 December 2008

4.37 am

wif lurve,

& paklong (sori xde gmbr ngn paklong)

sekian sajork entry 3 in 1 aku..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

All kids are born with natural curiosity. They scan and roam their environments. They enjoy exploring and so eager to learn. They are wide eyed and thrilled. Same goes to Eiymann. Eiymann is born with curiosity. He loves to ask anything, try everything in order to shows his interest about something new. Eiymann likes to play at playground, play with toys and also cats. I likes he explore the environmental, no matter it is clean or dirty (read: playground, grass, sand etc.) but on the other hand I have to worry with bacteria and germs surrounding him. By exploring the environments, he is exposed to bacteria and germs. Therefore, he needs to be tough inside with a strong immune system. Immune system act as a defender to protects him against disease.

Eiymann loves to play, play and play without knowing gems and bacterias are everywhere.

Eiymann loves cat so much without have to worry about germs and bacteria surrounding him.

Breastfeeding has many benefits to my baby and me. Breastmilk provides ideal nutrition to meet his needs for growth and development, protects against many infections, reduces risk of allergies and may prevent some infant deaths. The best part about breastmilk is readily available, needing no preparation, hygiene and the best for babies. Hence, being a breastfeeding mom is crucial to ensure my son is fully protected.

How to boost Eiymann’s immune system?

The best – Breastmilk is THE BEST. Fact. No doubt. Fully Protected. Colostrum or first milk is a proven and effective immune system booster. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins which are antibodies to provide passive immunity for the baby and protects them from bacterial and viral illness. Yes, I choose the best to breastfeed my 2 years and 8 months old son.

Optimistic – Be optimistic parents, so that Eiymann will learn optimism from us while he is young. Unlike pessimistic kids, optimistic kids enjoy better health, a longer life, less stress and achieve more throughout their life.

Unnecessary antibiotics – The unnecessary or overuse of antibiotics are producing bacterial resistance, making some infections harder to treat. To ensure that Eiymann doesn’t get unnecessary antibiotics, we always question doctor as to why antibiotics are needed. Being informed and asking the right questions can go far towards protecting our son against unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and their potential side effects.

Give opportunities – As parents, we help Eiymann by giving him lots of opportunities to practice and master his skills, letting him make mistakes and being there to boost his spirits so he keep trying.

Happy and humor - Kids show more enjoyment in socializing when the people around them are happy. Besides, kids with a well-developed sense of humor are happier, more optimistic and higher self-esteem. A sense of humor can brighten family life. Laughing together with Eiymann is a way to connect and a good sense of humor also can make him healthier, smarter and better able to cope with challenges.

Immune system – The body system that helps fight off sickness is called the immune system. Our body is exposed to thousands of germs, and we do not get sick from them because of our immune system. Every kids have an immune system which protect them against germs, bacterias and microorganisms.

Nutrition – All parents want their kids to be healthy. Same goes to us. Eiymann’s nutrition becomes a critical aspect of his growth and development. In his first six months, I have been exclusively breastfeeding him. As far as I concern, exclusive breastfeeding provides all the nutrients and water that a baby needs to grow and develop. To get the full benefits of breastfeeding, I continue breastfeeding up to 2 years and still breastfeeding until now (2 years and 8 months). Besides, I have introduced solid foods to him when he was 6 months old. Proper nutrition can also prevent many medical problems, including becoming overweight, developing weak bones and developing diabetes. On the other hand, it makes him healthier, emotionally more stable and it improves his performance as well.

Sleep – Enough sleep is essential for kids to keep them healthy, happy and doing their best. Sleep helps body and brain develop and grow. The lack of sleep lead adults tired, be grumpy or have low energy, but kids can become hyper, disagreeable and have extremes in behaviour.

Immunisation - Immunisation is the process of giving vaccines. It is an easy and very safe way of protecting babies and kids against infectious disease. Vaccines are given mainly by injection or through the mouth. Eiymann got vaccinated since he was born according to the recommendation of the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia immunisation schedule.

Discussion – One of the most important things in helping kids learn to talk is to have frequent, friendly conversations with them. Having conversations doesn’t mean it have to be long or be about anything adults consider important, it is more about keep kids interacting with us using any words he can say and keep conversation going as long as we are enjoying time together. A good conversation lead a good discussion between parents and kids.

Encourage - Parents can do much to encourage their kids in whatever they do, want and need. Support them to be self-esteem and optimistic kids. Kids are like sponges; they soak everything up from early on in life and feed off of the nutrients they are given the rest of their lives. They need support and encouragement from parents in a way to be succeed throughout their life.

Eiymann is tough and fully protected with his strong immune system inside.

Eiymann is still breastfeeding until now. But when he ready to wean-off, maybe Friso Gold 3 is a good start for him. ;-)

This entry is created for Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out Contest. The most interesting 80 entries will be given a family invite (for 2 adults and 2 children) to attend the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out. And the blogger with the best entry would be walking away with a 3 Days 2 Nights holiday package for a family of 4 to Disneyland Hong Kong! Not to forget RM100 Toys ‘R’ Us vouchers to be given away to the 10 blog entries with the most effort.

p/s: thanks Nuffnang for your call, remind me about this contest.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ibu Hadif’s Giveaway ~ Anugerah Terindah

hohoho..dlm smnggu klu x joins contest/giveaway mmg x sah gamaksnyerr..dis tym nk joins Ibu Hadif’s Giveaway ~ Anugerah Terindah anjuran Mrs. K aka Ibu Hadif..oleh krn tajuk pun dh TERINDAH, maka coretan lps neh msti kena gune ayat2 yg indah2 belaka..ngeh3..

okiess..nk m'perkenalkn ANUGERAH TERINDAH ciptaan Ilahi yg ibu & Papa terima..

*Anugerah TERINDAH ketika ini berusia 40 minit"

Anugerah TERINDAH: E'izz Eiymann Nazrin bin Mohd Nazrin

Tarikh TERINDAH: 12 April 2007

Masa TERINDAH: 9.27 pagi

Tempat TERINDAH: Labour Room, Hospital Serdang

Kenangan membawa benih ANUGERAH TERINDAH

Alhamdulillah, ibu disahkan membawa benih TERINDAH setelah sebulan menjadi Tutor di UKM (awal2 lagi Eiymann dh m'bawa rezeki kpd ibu).. ibu diduga dgn kemualan melampau sehingga kandungan 6 bulan..diduga dengan masalah placenta previa..tak lupa juga dgn brixton hicks/false contraction ms kandungan 29 mnggu..alhamdulillah, smuanya berjaya ibu lalui dgn izin Allah..

selain itu, dikala ibu sedang sarat m'bawa ANUGERAH TERINDAH ini, ibu juga bergelar pelajar + pekerja + isteri..saat paling m'cabar di mana ibu sdg b'hempas pulas menyiapkan tesis Master ibu tatkala kandungan sudah m'cecah 8 bulan..setiap hari ibu berdoa agar Eiymann (yerp, ibu dah tahu anak ibu LELAKI) tidak keluar dulu sehingga lah ibu selesai m'hantar tesis ibu.. Alhamdulillah, Eiymann betul2 m'dengar kata..ibu selesai m'hantar tesis ibu utk pemeriksaan penyelia (10 April 2007) 2 HARI SEBELUM Eiymann lahir ke dunia..sempat lah ibu nk b'siap sedia utk VIVA (doa ibu mngndung mmg sng Allah makbulkan..ibu hnya mnunggu 2 bln shj utk VIVA dan smpat mngejar convocation pd thn tu juga)..

Kenangan melahirkan ANUGERAH TERINDAH

EDD ibu telah dicatat pd 12 April 2007..jika sesiapa b'tanyakan bilakah ibu akn b'salin, ayat yg slalu keluar dari mulut ibu "12 April"..kata2 merupakan satu doa kan.. pada 11 April, stlh selesai mkn Pizza Hut bersama rakan2 ibu (3pm++), ibu dah mula merasakan contraction..ketika itu contraction selang 1 jam..apabila contraction berhenti, cpt2 ibu memandu pulang ke rumah (berani, kan?)..sampai di rumah, ibu hanya merehatkan diri sementara menunggu Papa pulang.. 8.30mlm, Papa pulang dari kerja dan ibu dah maklumkn pd Papa ttg contraction ibu.. Papa m'ajak ibu ke hospital, tapi ibu enggan dek krn ingin menunggu cerita Grey's Anatomy di TV.. ;-)

Apabila contraction semakin kerap (selang 5 min), barulah ibu setuju utk ke hosp..smpai di hosp tepat pukul 12 tgh mlm (12 April 2007) doctor m'buat VE, dah 3cm rupanya..tanda darah juga kelihatan..ibu semakin takut..3 pagi, ibu disorong ke labour room..Papa setia menemani ibu.. yg kelakarnya, kami berdua sgt mengantuk..bila contraction tiada, msg2 sempat melelapkan mata..then, bila contraction menyerang, cpt2 ibu tekup hidung ibu dgn etonox gas..

stlh sejam lebih meneran Eiymann, kepala Eiymann hanya keluar masuk shj..t'sangkut kt bahu.. kata Dr. Jamali (Pakar O&G Hosp Serdang), Eiymann besar utk ibu yg kecil ini (Eiymann keluar 3.01kg)..masa itu mmg ibu dah hilang segala tenaga utk meneran..mata pun dah b'pinar..ibu nmpk seolah2 ada 20 org dlm labour room (ni gara2 t'lebih sedut etonox gas larr)..then, bila heart beat Eiymann dropped terus Dr. Jamali decided for vacuum technique.. masa tu ibu hanya berdoa Eiymann selamat keluar walau dgn apa cara sekalipun..walaupun t'paksa b'tukar nyawa dgn ibu..ibu rela, sayang..

dgn sekali vakum, tiba2 ibu t'dengar tangisan TERINDAH yg belum pernah ibu dgr sebelum ini.. dgn pantas Dr. Jamali meletakkan Eiymann di atas perut ibu.."Ya, Allah..anakku".. hanya kata2 itu sahaja yg t'pacul dari mulut ibu..selepas itu ibu seolah2 m'jadi bisu utk berkata2 krn t'lalu sayu+hiba+gembira+teruja melihat ANUGERAH TERINDAH di dpn mata ibu.. sgt2 INDAH ANUGERAH ini..benda yg plg AJAIB sekali yg ibu rasa sejurus selepas melahirkn Eiymann ialah ibu lupa akn semua kesakitan walaupun keadaan di bawah tu dh koyak rabak (vakum kan).. dan tanpa ibu sedari, ketika itu jugalah ibu m'alami tumpah darah..

ketika Dr. Jamali "m'jahit", ibu agak mamai2 gara etonox gas + tumpah, Dr Jamali tetap b'sembang dgn ibu supaya ibu tak pengsan..kami sempat b'borak ttg cerita Grey's Anatomy yg sempat ibu tgk sblm melahirkan Eiymann..

40 min selepas Eiymann dilahirkan, nurse dtg m'bawa ANUGERAH TERINDAH kpd ibu.. Eiymann segera ibu susukan dgn susu ibu yg pertama iaitu Kolostrum.. subhanallah, Eiymann terus pandai menyusu tanpa diajar (alhamdulillah, berkat doa ibu agr dipermudahkn urusan pnyusuan ibu)..memandang Eiymann yg leka menyusu buat ibu rasa sebak..Ya, Allah..betapa indahnya dpt menyusukan anak sendiri..t'bayang ibu bagaimana susahnya Eiymann m'harungi "jalan" utk melihat dunia..hisapan Eiymann yg begitu kuat seolah2 tlh melalui jalan2 yg sgt jauh dan berliku..ibu tahu Eiymann b'usaha keras utk keluar dan ibu juga berusaha keras utk meneran..kita sama2 kuat, sayang!!

kesan dpd tumpah darah itu mnyebabkn ibu demam panas selama 3 hari..t'paksa lah ibu, Eiymann & Papa berumahtangga di wad 8B Hospital Serdang..24 jam Papa setia menemani ibu & Eiymann..Papa tidur, makan, mandi di dlm wad yg sama dgn ibu.. Papa jugalah yg menukar posisi Eiymann dari kiri-kanan-kiri utk tujuan pnyusuan..walaupun ibu mengalami saat2 sukar utk melahirkan Eiymann (vakum, tumpah darah, demam), tapi ibu tak kisah..malah ibu bangga & bersyukur dianugerahkan ANUGERAH TERINDAH yg comel, sihat & sempurna ini..syukur Alhamdulillah..

buat anakanda E'izz Eiymann Nazrin,

andai kata satu hari nanti Eiymann terbaca coretan ibu ini, ibu nk Eiymann tahu coretan ini ibu tujukan khas buat Eiymann..mungkin di masa akn dtg ibu tak sempat bercerita tentang kronologi kelahiran Eiymann..mungkin juga ibu tak berpeluang berkongsi dgn Eiymann betapa gembiranya ibu dgn ANUGERAH TERINDAH, dgn adanya coretan ibu ini, ibu nak Eiymann mengerti bhw Eiymann merupakan ANUGERAH TERINDAH buat ibu..ketahuilah sayang, setiap titis susu ibu yg mengalir dlm badan Eiymann diiringi doa agar Eiymann menjadi anak yg soleh, beriman, bijak & berguna..restu ibu juga mengiringi dlm setiap bidang yg Eiymann ceburi..ibu tidak mempunyai harta yg melimpah ruah utk dipersembahkan pd Eiymann..ibu hnya mampu hadiahkan susu ibu sbg HADIAH TERINDAH buat Eiymann..susu ibu juga pengikat kasih sayang antara kita..hanya kita berdua, sayang..ibu juga dah halalkan susu ibu dari titisan pertama hngga lah ke titisan yg t'akhir..tatkala Eiymann masih membaca hingga ke coretan ini, satu shj yg ibu nak Eiymann tahu..IBU SAYANG SANGAT EIYMANN.. EIYMANN LAH NYAWA IBU!! seandainya ibu pergi dulu dari Eiymann, sekurang2 nya ibu lega krn tlh meluahkan segalanya..

Salam sayang,


(coretan ditaip ketika Eiymann berusia 2 thn 8 bln 6 hari)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Selamat Hari Lahir ke-55, MAK!!

16 Disember 2009..
genap umur MAK 55 tahun..
Selamat Hari Lahir, MAK..
semoga MAK panjang umur..
dimurahkan rezeki..
dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik..

off topic:

- dpt call dr Nuffnang tadi psl contest Friso Gold Family Day Out..mmg best klu dpt mslhnyer aku x pndai nk buat karangan psl kebaikan FM..ade sesape yg dh buat entry psl neh ker..??

- dpt SMS dr Rahila form COACH The Gardens bout Coach Clearance Sales..sounds gud, ahkak harus b'jimat chermat..ank dh msuk skolah nxt year..huhu..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eiymann says, I AM A SMART READER be!!

salam all.. sajer nk ber-stori-mori-monink-glowry psl anakanda terchentaa, Eiymann..lately, ibu asyik buat entry contest memanjang sajork dlm blog neh..ekeke..dis tym nk cheriteraa psl Eiymann laks hokeyy..

fyi, Eiymann neh sgt lar suke berkawan..pantang jmpe geng2 sebaya dia or lbh besar dpd dia, msti dia nk kawan sama..disbbkn iteww larr maka ibu & Papa decided nk htr Eiymann pi playschool next year..stlh buat research ant. Smart Reader Kids, Qdees, Real Kids, Little Caliph, Aulad weolls sepakat nk htr Eiymann pi Smart Reader Kids.. registration tlh pun dibuat ms bln Nov. yg lepas..hurmm, blh tahan gaks nk byr memula neh..gedebak-gedubuk hmpir mnyamai yuran PhD ibu 1 xper..demi Eiymann, ibu & Papa snggup korbankn ape saja..asalkn Eiymann dpt yg THE BEST..

punye larr sronok Eiymann ms ibu & Papa bwk dia utk registration..smpi menangis-meraung x mo blk..gasakkk..klu uolls nk taww, hmpir stiap ari Eiymann nk pkai uniform wif NAMETAG hokeyy..smpi mlm pun tido pkai uniform..alahai..gamaksnyerr lusuh larr Smart Reader Kids uniform Eiymann by the time dh start skolah nnt..huhu..

okiess..dh fenat ngomels, meh layan gmbq laks..

Eiymann bersemangat-waja nk pi Smart Reader Kids

dpt bag, 2 set uniform & nametag.. shoes & socks blum dpt lg coz xde saiz..

Smart Reader Eiymann come..

fotogedixx Eiymann

fotogedixx Eiymann (sajork jer pejam mata tue)

insya Allah, pada 4 January 2010 Eiymann genap 2 tahun 8 bulan 22 hari..dan pd tarikh itu gak Eiymann akn menjadi Smart Reader Kids..

our last conversation..

ibu: Eiymann, nanti dh pi Smart Reader Kids Eiymann tak boleh nenen dah.. nanti teacher marah..teacher ckp "Eiymann, no more nenen ok"

Eiymann: Teacher baik...teacher tak marah..Eiymann boleh nenen teacher cakap..

ibu: (duk pikir2 ayat terbahek nk jwp..huhu)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simple-Santai-Gathering for bloggers n kids at MEGAKIDZ MID VALLEY

(STICKY MODE until 13 December 2009)

salam and my fren, Stephanie aka Mommy Ryan are organizing a Simple-Santai-Gathering for bloggers and kids..yes,for u..u..and u..!! (all are cordially invited, hokeyy)

13 December 2009 (Sunday)


Megakidz Mid Valley (3rd Floor..near Celebrity Fitness)


Entrance fees:
RM25 (Unlimited Playtime Play as long as you want with dad & mum)

** Parents/Guardians: Free entry for the first two adults (compulsory stay-in).
** All children must be accompanied by adult guardians during their stay in MegaKidz premises.
** Socks are required in the play area for both children and adults.
** 20 goodies bag for early bird kids (sponsored by Mommy Ryan)

come join us..feel free to drop yr comment here if u wanna join us..for more info bout Megakidz, click this picca:


ibuEiymann & Mommy Ryan

Friday, December 11, 2009

Contest Melaram Dengan Handbag

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....contest lagikk..dis tym nk joins Contest Melaram Dengan Handbag anjuran Mrs F!za..dh larr tarikh tutup arinie wehh..haruss pantas menaip gamaksnyerr..

1st off all, ku nk p'kenalkan handbag yg akn dilaram dlm entry neh..presenting my handbag COACH OP ART SABRINA in Brown..i used to call dis hbag SABRINA or nama scientific nyer champakk-ape-sajork-hbag..wakaka..


okiess..bab hbag dh cherita..neh bab Melaram dgn Sabrina lakss..haku fenin nk pilih gmbq mane wehh..last2 ku p'taruhkn gmbq neh..aci x..??





aksi melaram dgn SABRINA (amacham..menepati syrt MELARAM x??)

P/s: Mrs. F!ZA..aksi2 melaram di bwh neh adlh selingan semata2..

haaa....ku nk gaks tempek aksi2 melaram pelbagai gaya bebas dgn SABRINA nehh.. meh kite tgk ape yg blh dilaramkan dgn SABRINA ku iteww..layanzz..

Melaram gaya santai dgn 2 laraman yg b'beza

Melaram ala2 korporat..................kah??

Melaram bersama anakanda terchentaa

nk gaks MELARAM wpun dukung Eiymann..(ahkak mmg ibu, TATAP ibu hokeyy)

tue sajork entry Melaram dgn Sabrina..klu uolls pun nk joins, meh click pmpuan melaram dgn hbag kt bwh neh:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I am SORRY my dear Myra..sob..sob..sob..

dis entry is dedicated to Myra aka mummy Zara..

dear..a BIG sorry coz x dpt nk joins the party yg sgt gempaks iteww..kak e-caR rushing blk kampung..ade family matters yg x dpt dielakkan..cume sempat siapkn kek Zara shj..then, ms delivery tu pun x sempat nk jmpe Myra..soriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sesngt!!

fyi, k.e-caR mmg xcited nk join the party..dh buat preparation..x caya meh tgk gmbq neh..huhu

k.e-caR dh smgt beli white-evening-dress

dgn menda2 neh smua (ahkak lg hoverr dr kiddos..haha)

yg nie laks utk Prince Eiymann..klu pkai nie ala2 Prince Charming x??

last but not least..pressie for Zara

again..soriiiiiiiii sgt2 dear..hrp Myra x kecik ati or marah k.e-caR yg kechik-moleks neh..mmg rasa ralat x dpt joins.. kite merancang, Allah jua yg tentukan.. huhu...rasa nk nanges pun adooo...uwaaaaa!!!!

p/s: kite jmpe ahad neh hokeyy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vogue Pregnant Mummy Giveaway

whooootttt....whhhoootttt...!!! tora datang lagi contest dtg lagikk.. dis tym ku nk joins Vogue Pregnant Mummy Giveaway by NOTTI NETTI yg sdg menanti ari nk malatopss.. syarat gmbr utk ditempek itu musti larr VOGEEE THE VASSS..diulang sekali lagik, VOGEEE THE VASSS hokeyy..!! gulpss..aku mmg ade byk gmbq nk m'cari yg VOGEEE THE VASSS tuh yg buat ku agks fenin..huhu..

memule ku nk pertaruhkn gmbq neh..tym neh ku preggie 3 mths++.. neh kt Manila, Filipino.. mmg larr ala2 VOGEEE THE, mcm x nmpk pewot-boyot sgt kan.. ape larr ertinye msuk contest Pregnant Mummy, tp pewot-boyot x nmpk sgt..yerr x..?? so, ku decided utk m'pertaruhkn gmbq kt bwh neh..

Nama ibu-buyong:
e-caR NazRin

Tahun kejadian:

Usia pewot-boyot:
5 bln++

Tempoh bwk pewot-boyot:
40 minggu = 9 bln 10 ari =EDD (Eiymann lahir on-time hokeyy)

Tarikh pewot-boyot malatopps:
12 April 2007

Masa pewot-boyot malatopps:
9.27 am

Tempat pewot-boyot malatopps:
Labour room Hospital Serdang

Insan kecil+chumells yg kuor dr pewot-boyot:
E'izz Eiymann Nazrin bin Mohd Nazrin

Dgn beratnya:

Proses mngeluarkan insan kecil+chumells ini:
Normal + vakum

okiess..tu sajorrkk..neh lar gmbq pewot-boyot ku yg plg VOGEEE THE VASSS.. klu uolls nk joins gaks, click sajork pmpuan pewot-boyot kt bwh neh:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fotogedixx: Aidiladha

salam all..neh entry agak lain dh tamat citer Aidiladha, ku bru nk t'hegeh2 tempek fotogedixx Aidiladha weolls..haha.. Aidiladha kali neh weolls braya kt KL sajork.. umh my parent n parent in law..meh layanzzz..

NazRin's family in silver-pink suit


wpun ibu vogehh..BREASTAURANT alwiz open 24/7 utk Eiymann

Danish yg gebus-gebas (he only 4 mos old..seyesly!!)


Eiymann & Alisha



ermmm...mlm Aidiladha tue weolls sempat beronggeng ke MV..tujuannye utk sopeng shoes hubby..puas cari sana-sini-sinun, last2 jmpe gaks yg b'kenan..



hubby's new shoes

klu dtg MV, x naik menatang neh..x sah..

E i y m a n n

sajer nk tempek gmbq neh..nk tnjuk kt uolls pndngn dpn & blkg pakai oblong Tie Rack ikut ::style-caR::

ibuEiymann: insya Allah dlm ms t'dkt neh ku akn buat tutorial pakai OBLONG TIE RACK (neh ats p'mintaan ramai yerr..bkn ku syiokk2 sndiri nk wat tutorial..mklumlah, ku sedar diri ini bru ber TRANSFORMASI)

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